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Nick Russell-Pavier

Nick joined the BBC at 22 and worked on a wide range of output from Parliamentary Broadcasting, News and Current Affairs to Arts and Drama as well as a composer in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. He resigned seven years later to pursue a freelance career as a composer of film and television music, which included documentary television work with veteran jounalist, John Pilger, a feature film with Dennis Potter and a BAFTA award-winning television series with Tony Robinson. Over the last twenty-five years, Nick has also contributed to, written and produced numerous acclaimed programmes for television and BBC radios 3 and 4.

Nick’s book The Great Train Robbery – Crime of the Century sheds a very different light on the people and events of the 1963 crime as well as the political, cultural and social context. His true crime/popular history narrative is the bestselling book on the subject and provides fresh insight, new facts and analysis that peel away the mystique and comprehensively debunk the 50-year-old mythology. Nick is regularly featured across print press and broadcast media as an authority on the Great Train Robbery and its setting of Britain in the 1960s.

Nick’s second book, The Shepherds Bush Murders was published in 2016. Three criminals, three policemen, three guns, three murders. Fifty years later, it’s the full story for the first time.

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