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Beth Kempton

Beth Kempton is a Japanologist and a bestselling self-help author and writer mentor, whose books have been translated into 28 languages. She has had a quarter-century love affair with Japan, and has made it her work to uncover life lessons and philosophical ideas buried in Japanese culture, words and ritual. Beth has two degrees in Japanese and has a rare understanding of Japanese culture and linguistic nuances. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki Master, trained in the Japanese tradition in Tokyo. Her sixth book, Kokoro: Japanese wisdom for a life well lived (out April 2024) is a follow up to her earlier bestseller Wasi Sabi.

More than 35,000 people have taken Beth’s online writing classes, which complement her book The Way of the Fearless Writer. Beth has one of the UK’s most popular author accounts on Substack @bethkempton.

As a mentor, Beth offers support and inspiration to writers and dreamers, teaching how words and ideas can heal, inspire, uplift, connect, and help us to make the most of our time in this beatiful world. She is also founder of Do What You Love, a company which produces and delivers inspiring online courses for living well, with a community of more than 250,000 people worldwide.

Beth also has an incurable addiction to chocolate and Japanese stationery. She lives a slow-ish life near the sea in Devon, England. Beth is the mother of two small girls who fill her with joy every single day. She also adores Christmas, and her Calm Christmas Podcast, created to accompany her book Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year, is officially the UK’s #1 favourite Christmas podcast. She believes that life is too short for ironing, and for not doing what you love.

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