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The Way of the Fearless Writer

Ancient Eastern wisdom for a flourishing writing life

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A revolutionary approach to writing inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom, from the bestselling author of Wabi Sabi

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Beth Kempton


Join author and Japanologist Beth Kempton on a sacred journey to uncover the secrets of fearless writing which have lain buried in Eastern philosophy for two thousand years.

In a radical departure from standard advice and widely-held assumptions about the effort and suffering required for creative success, The Way of the Fearless Writer will show you there is another way to thrive – a path of trust, ease, freedom and joy.

Learn how to free your mind so your body can create, transform your relationship to fear, dissolve self-doubt, shift writer’s block, access your true voice and bravely share your words with the world.

This profound book reveals the deep connections between mind, body, spirit, breath and words. Offering a rare insight into the writing life and a host of fresh and original exercises, it will open your eyes to writing as a direct connection to life itself.

Welcome to The Way of the Fearless Writer.


The Way of the Fearless Writer is WONDERFUL. This book is a tonic for the soul. All writers should take time to read this. There are many books about writing, but Beth’s approach is practical, honest and yet deeply spiritual and caring. We’re keeping this book by our bedside. This is more than just a book, it’s a way of life.’
Parul Bavishi & Matt Trinetti, co-founders of the London Writers’ Salon