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Clare McGlynn

Clare McGlynn is a Professor of Law at Durham University with expertise in pornography regulation, sexual violence and online abuse. She works closely with politicians, survivors, and civil society to strengthen laws on violence against women. This includes the successful campaign to include rape pornography within the extreme pornography law, working together with the End Violence Against Women Coalition and Rape Crisis South London, and more recently with Bumble, Refuge, UN Women and more to introduce a new law on cyberflashing. She’s co-author of the largest study to date of online pornography which found that 1 in 8 titles on mainstream sites describe sexually violent porn. She’s advised governments across the UK and around the world on law reform, as well as working with Meta, Google, Bumble and TikTok to develop their policies supporting survivors. She is a co-author of Cyberflashing: recognising harms, reforming laws (2021) and Image-Based Sexual Abuse: a study on the causes and consequences of non-consensual imagery (2021), as well as author of The Woman Lawyer: making the difference (1998). In 2020, she was appointed an Honorary Kings Counsel in recognition of her work championing women’s equality in the legal profession and shaping new criminal laws on extreme pornography and image-based sexual abuse.

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