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Paula Greenlees

Paula Greenlees has always been interested in history and in good food. Early in her married life she was fortunate enough to live Singapore, where she was able to enjoy both. She became interested in Singapore’s colonial heritage and its post-war political past. Living in South East Asia made a deep impression on her and produced the seeds of her first novel. Her research and writing is particularly interested in how women break the mould of the traditional lives they led, especially when set against a turbulent political backdrop.

Paula has a degree in English and European Thought and Literature, and a MA in Writing. A section of her work has been included in Matter, a Sheffield Hallam magazine, which showcases the best work of writers from the MA course. Before starting the MA, Paula ran her own business for 15 years, after a period as a teacher. Paula now lives in Warwickshire, having spent many years in the Peak District. She is currently writing her second novel, set in Malaya on the cusp of the Japanese Occuaption.

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