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Find Her First

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A pulse-pounding and gripping crime thriller, for fans of B A Paris and Fiona Barton.

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Emma Christie


A missing wife.
A guilty husband.
But it’s not what you think . . .

Where is Stef Campbell? And who can be trusted to bring her home?

Paramedic Andy Campbell has a secret he can’t tell anyone, not least the police. But when his wife Stef’s image is found at the home of a suspected killer, detectives start knocking on his door, and they’re not the only ones asking questions.

As Andy battles to keep them off his trail, those close to Stef make a series of bloody discoveries that demand explanations even her husband can’t give.
The race for the truth leads them far from their Edinburgh home – but who will find her first, and will they save her life or take it?


‘Compelling, captivating and so clever…An absorbing mystery that wrong-footed me right up to the end’
Marion Todd

‘Christie is a master storyteller. Find Her First had me in its grip from the first page to the last. Brilliant.’
Penny Jenkins

‘Clever, intriguing, and full of twists! This thriller has everything – emotion, depth, and pace! Another cracking book from Emma Christie!’
Lauren North

‘A shocking end. Highly recommended!’
Andrew Greig

‘Emma Christie has that wonderful knack of having us all dreading what comes next while desperately wanting to read on. Find Her First is, quite simply, another triumph from one of the UK’s brightest, freshest voices. You DO NOT want to miss this.’
Jonathan Whitelaw

‘A book I became instantly obsessed with. Emma Christie employs such raw, beautiful language around the visceral ugliness of death. I was swept away by every blood stained word. There is a perfect balance between utterly heart gripping tension that’s subtly woven into a beautifully poignant story.’
Victoria Dowd

Find Her First is both pulse-pounding and heartbreaking, weaving a tangled mystery of suspicion, guilt and loss to reveal a truth that completely blindsided me. Christie’s stories are highly original, with characters, conflicts and themes that linger in my mind long after the final page. Suspenseful, unsettling and ultimately compassionate, Find Her First is brilliant follow-up to The Silent Daughter and a completely masterful work.’
Phillippa East