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The Dressmaker of Draper’s Lane

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The Dressmaker of Draper’s Lane revisits the opulence and extravagance of the London silk trade in the mid-eighteenth century which Liz Trenow wrote about in her previous bestselling novel, The Silk Weaver.

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Liz Trenow


The richest silk hides the deepest secrets . . .

1768, London.

As a foundling who rose from poverty and now runs her own successful dressmaking business in the heart of society London, Miss Charlotte is a remarkable woman, admired by many. She has no need, nor desire, to marry. The people she values most are her friend Anna, her recently-found sister Louisa and nephew Peter.

She feels herself fortunate, and should be content with what she has. But something is missing.

A small piece of rare silk discovered in a bundle of scraps at auction triggers a curious sense of familiarity, and prompts her to unpick a past filled with extraordinary secrets and revelations . . .


‘A finely woven tale set in the richly evoked world of the silk trade in 18th century London’
The Lady magazine

‘A rich and evocative tale…With stunning descriptions of lavish 18th century clothes – from negligees and nightdresses to silk gowns and petticoats – this is a beautiful, multi-layered story stitched together with perfect precision.’
Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

‘An evocative historical novel’

‘Inspired by her own silk-weaver family, Trenow delivers an exquisite historical novel that’s packed with detail.’
Woman’s Weekly

‘Liz Trenow’s 18th-century Spitalfields is both vibrant and disturbing. Each season Miss Charlotte’s customers purchase exquisite silk gowns patterned with multi-hued embroidery, while right outside the shop are desperate women whose only chance of saving their babies’ lives is to abandon them at the Foundling Hospital. Miss Charlotte is a bold, inspiring character and her quest to find the truth about her mother is cleverly plotted. Liz Trenow draws us in so that we inhabit her world, and it was a wrench to put the book down after the last beautifully written page.’
Gill Paul, author of The Secret Wife