Dinah Jefferies’ tenth book and ‘epic finale’ [Woman’s Own], NIGHT TRAIN TO MARRAKECH, was published Sept 14th, 2023, by HarperCollins. Dinah’s newest release has been selected as a Richard and Judy Autumn Book Club pick. This is Dinah’s third appearance in the Book Club. Richard Madley praised Jefferies writing, capturing the atmosphere of Marrakech “better than anyone else I have ever read”.

NIGHT TRAIN TO MARRAKECH follows Vicky Baudin who steps onto a train in Morocco in search for the grandmother she has never met. This is another sweeping family saga, which Dinah is known for, ‘packed with danger and colour’ [The Daily Record].

NIGHT TRAIN TO MARRAKECH can be bought in paperback, audio, and ebook, along with the first two books – DAUGHTERS OF WAR and THE HIDDEN PALACE.