Dr Fiona Vera-Gray’s new book has been announced by The Bookseller – WOMEN ON PORN was bought by Kate Fox at Transworld from Caroline Hardman. WOMEN ON PORN is set to be published on 8th February 2024.

Vera-Gray’s background is in the academic study of sexual violence in the UK.

Dr Vera-Gray interviewed 100 women aged 18-70 to discuss their experience of pornography, turning these conversations into WOMEN ON PORN, to explore how pornography uses and is used by women today. ‘In this book, interviews with 100 women result in an extraordinary and powerful conversation on pornography. How they first encountered it. How they consume it. How it has affected their sex lives. What they like and what they don’t. And what it means for their relationships.’

Vera Gray describes this book as ‘a window into the conversations we need to be having that we don’t want to have.’

WOMEN ON PORN is out 8th February 2024.