Ever wondered just what causes infection and how we’ve learnt to combat them? Then you’re in luck because research scientist Dr John Tregoning’s fascinating book Infectious: Pathogens and How We Fight Them has been acquired by Oneworld! Sam Carter, editorial director, snapped up UK and Commonwealth rights from Caroline Hardman. This illuminating exploration of infectious diseases and the scientific discoveries surrounding them is set to hit shelves in autumn 2021. The book will also chart the success stories in immunology and virology. Japanese rights have also been sold to Bunkyosha.

Tregoning said: “Thanks to remarkable scientific progress in the last 100 years you are more likely to die of eating too many doughnuts than infectious disease. This book will celebrate the progress that has been made in our fight with infectious disease as well as exploring the science of pathogens.”

Carter added: “We’re thrilled to welcome such an expert to our list. John deals with life and death issues but he’s a master at giving the non-specialist a glimpse of what goes on in his lab and there’s real verve in his writing.”

John S. Tregoning MA, PhD is reader in respiratory infections at Imperial College London. His research focuses on how virus and bacteria infect our lungs. He has published over 60 academic papers, collectively cited over 3,500 times. He is also well-established writer on academic careers, regularly writing commissioned articles for Times Higher Education, has a weekly column in Nature and has also published in Science. A recent article was viewed over 100,000 times and was in the top 150 most discussed articles of the year. Dr Tregoning remains at the forefront of infectious diseases research. He has presented his work at the Pint of Science festival as well as being invited to speak at conferences and universities both in the UK and overseas. Amongst other outlets, he has been interviewed by the BBC, Bloomberg and The Sunday Telegraph.

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