From today, you can pledge towards CoppaFeel! co-founder Kris Hallenga’s debut memoir, How to Glitter a Turd. At 22, Kris discovered a lump that was later confirmed to be incurable breast cancer. In her frank and funny new book, Kris reflects on what it means to live with a terminal illness, how to handle life’s highs and lows and offers an insightful new perspective on survival.

On Unbound Kris writes:

At 22, I was unknowingly in the pursuit of finding myself. I was living in the shadows of my happy and successful twin sister, and trying to break free from a dysfunctional relationship that made me feel worthless. In short, I was totally normal. When I discovered a lump in my boob and was subsequently told that it was not only cancer, but also incurable, life took on a completely new meaning. I was diagnosed at an age when life wasn’t something to be grateful for, but a goddamn right. Your twenties are supposed to be the years when you become who you’re meant to be. Little did I know it was cancer that would lead me to a life I had never considered: a Happy One.

This book is a tool for those that find themselves in all kinds of life pickles. And we all have them. Whether it’s a relationship breakup or a cancer diagnosis, life can be a bit shit for us all and that is NORMAL. In those times, we look for light at the end of the tunnel, maybe some guidance, maybe some friendly advice, perhaps some hope, maybe a bottle of wine, perhaps a promise that it WILL get better. Potentially none of the above. But my hope is, when shit hits your fan, you too can grab the glitter.

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