Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media has optioned Sarah Ditum’s Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s. The company plans to adapt the book as a docuseries.

Toxic, published in 2023 by Fleet, examines pop-culture misogyny in the 2000s through the stories of nine iconic women whose fame in the early internet years of the century came at a price. It offers a deep dive into the stories of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, China, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton herself. Ditum describes how each of the women changed ‘celebrity’ forever, despite often falling victim to it, during what we now view as one of the most hostile eras in which to be female.

“When I discovered ‘Toxic,’ I was immediately taken by the depth of Sarah’s dedication, research and writing,” Hilton said. “Sarah’s work inspired me to envision ‘Toxic’ as a documentary series where we can provide a platform for similar stories of those who had to navigate intense public scrutiny, so they can reclaim their narrative from a time when they had little control.”

Ditum will work with 11:11 Media on the adaptation. “‘Toxic’ was always intended to put the women I write about back at the heart of their own stories,” Ditum said. “Working with Paris and her team on bringing this book to TV feels like a kind of homecoming for the project, and I’m incredibly excited for what they’ll bring to the next stage of ‘Toxic.'”