We are absolutely delighted over at Hardman & Swainson HQ that UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) have been acquired for Paul Braddon’s debut novel, The Actuality, by Sandstone Press. Rights were bought by assistant publisher Kay Farrell from Joanna Swainson.

Set 100 years in the future, in a squalid, broken-down England, The Actuality is an atmospheric speculative thriller that explores what it means to be human. Evie, a bio-engineered human replica, lives in a penthouse with her “husband” Matthew and his servant, Daniels. A hugely valuable commodity, she has been kept secret from the world. Her life is dull but safe – until knowledge of her existence is leaked.

Farrell said: “Paul’s brilliant writing had me hooked immediately. The Actuality is a powerful and evocative book engaged with the big questions of human existence, and we’re delighted to be publishing it in July 2020.”

Braddon said: “Im so excited that my debut novel is to be published by the team at Sandstone Press. I was won over from the start by their enthusiasm and now can’t wait for it to be out and to be able to share it with everyone.”

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