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Virginia Wrathmell has always known she will meet her death on the marsh in reparation for the mistakes of her childhood.

On New Year’s Eve, at the age of eighty-six, Virginia feels the time has finally come.

In 1939, Virginia is ten, an orphan arriving to meet her new adoptive parents, Clem and Lorna Wrathmell, at their mysterious house, Salt Winds. The house sits right on the edge of a vast marsh, a beautiful but dangerous place. It’s the start of a new life for Virginia, but she quickly senses that all is not right between Clem and Lorna – in particular, the presence of their wealthy neighbour Max Deering, who takes an unhealthy interest in the family. When a German fighter plane crashes into the marsh, Clem ventures onto the deadly sands to rescue the airman. And that is when things really begin to go wrong…

‘Evocative, gothic, and utterly transportive.’
Arianna Rebolini, Buzzfeed

‘A careful buildup of suspense will keep readers guessing and glued to the pages.’
Mary Ellen Quinn, Booklist

‘In her hauntingly gothic debut, Brooks beautifully mixes bittersweet youthfulness with the stinging pain of past memories… This quietly unsettling tale holds its secrets close, making for a powerful story of loss and longing.’
Publisher’s Weekly

‘The Orphan of Salt Windssimultaneously functions as a gothic, historical, psychological mystery and bildungsroman. Brooks’ vivid comparison of the beautiful and tumultuous landscape and Virginia’s life is artfully rendered’
Jenee Skinner, The Arkansas International

‘Brooks’ gripping debut is a gothic-noir masterpiece. Atmospheric and mesmerizing, the slow, suspenseful build to the climax is perfectly paced.’
Madison Troyer, Paperback Paris

‘There is a mood of L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between in this delightful tale, a gently elegiac narrative of times long past. It is a gripping and moving story, with superbly delineated characters, excellent dialogue and descriptions… it should be given the wider plaudits this beautiful tale deserves.’
Douglas Kemp, Historical Novel Society

‘Like Daphne du Maurier, The Orphan of Salt Winds powerfully conjures up a place, a time, and a story that are unforgettable.
Rosamund Lupton author of The Quality of Silence

 ‘An atmospheric, beautifully paced novel about sacrifice, the urge to belong and revenge. It’s full of well-drawn characters I loved to hate, and those that I didn’t want to let go, even after I closed the last page.’
Claire Fuller author of Bitter Orange

‘A beautifully written, atmospheric novel — reminiscent of Jane Eyre… bewitching and haunting’
Eowyn Ivey author of The Snow Child

‘A really special, atmospheric debut’
Good Housekeeping

‘Meandering, melodic and beautiful.’

‘A twisty, atmospheric treat’
Woman and Home

‘Part mystery, part gothic saga, part war drama, part fairytale, Call of the Curlew, is set almost exclusively on the edge of a vast salt marsh in Essex… Brooks is excellent at writing place. Salt winds and the marsh – a site of fear, fascination, mystery and death – are very much alive here.’
Joanna Hayden, Weekend Review

‘Guilt, loss, love, thinking back, thinking things over, wondering what if, and living with the consequences…all powerful emotions tossed and thrown around in the Moor winds. Hauntingly atmospheric. Recommended. And can I just say what an utterly brilliant cover!’
The Booktrailer