Summer, 1991: A trip to the beach leads to disaster for Becky’s family. It is the day a boy nearly drowns, and the day Becky’s mother decides to abandon her own husband and child for the mysterious man who saved him.

Now: It’s been ten years since they last spoke, but Becky’s mother has just weeks to live. And she has something important to tell her.

I had another child.

How far would you go to track down the sister you never knew existed?
And how can you trust a woman who has lied to you your whole life?

‘Tracy Buchanan writes moving, gripping, heartbreakingly real family drama.’
Susan Lewis, author of Believe In Me and You Said Forever

‘An intriguing mystery written with warmth and emotion, The Lost Sister is a wonderful summer read.’
Lucy Clarke, author of Last Seen and The Blue

‘Plenty of twists and turns and a plot that keeps you guessing!’
Gill Paul, author of Another Woman’s Husband and The Secret Wife

‘Twisty, emotional and far too hard to put down.’
Katie Marsh, author of The Rest of Me and This Beautiful Life

‘An enthralling read where suspense and emotion cohabit the page with ease.’
Sue Fortin, author of The Birthday Girl and The Girl Who Lied