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Gemini Falling

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Double trouble is written in the stars… Sorana Salem is nearly seventeen and she is still waiting for something to happen in her life. She is stuck in the suburbs, in a super-strict girls’ school, and for now, she’s just killing time, spending warm summer days indoors: reading cult novels, watching classic horror films and listening to her favourite band Trouble Every Day.

Carina / Harlequin UK
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Eleanor Wood


Amie’s the most popular – and the meanest –girl at her exclusive private school, with her trusty second in command Lexy by her side. And she likes it that way. Lexy knows that she deserves Amie’s prized position just as much but dethroning the Queen Bee just isn’t done.

Until mysterious twins Elyse and Melanie arrive mid-term, with a magnetic power that’s impossible to deny, and shake up the school’s social rules. As the twins leave darkness and devastation in their wake, Lexy’s suddenly discovering her own powers of manipulation.

Whilst Amie’s about to learn that it’s not just lonely at the top – it’s terrifying.