Double trouble is written in the stars…

Sorana Salem is nearly seventeen and she is still waiting for something to happen in her life. She is stuck in the suburbs, in a super-strict girls’ school, and for now, she’s just killing time, spending warm summer days indoors: reading cult novels, watching classic horror films and listening to her favourite band Trouble Every Day.

When she meets the Johansson twins, they’re like a burst of technicolour in her dull, black-and-white-world. Elyse and Melanie are as enigmatic as they are beautiful, with looks straight out of The Virgin Suicides and a subversive streak fifty feet wide – and, thanks to a shared love of Trouble Every Day, they want to be friends with Sorana.

They may be mysterious – what with their secretive past, their parent-free house, and a fascination with astrology – but they seem to be the only ones who really understand her.

When their obsession with astrology and the occult gets out of control, and Sorana gets involved with the dark and handsome stranger who Elyse warned her about, she realises she might be out of her depth in more ways than one.

But if this friendship is written in the stars, then Sorana might be powerless to escape from it…

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