Book 1: The Rise of the Ranger

The Echoes of Fate, a prophesy uttered unto the world a thousand years ago, cannot be denied…

Mankind has lorded over the land of Illian for a thousand years, enjoying what was left to them by the elves, as if it were their birthright. A thousand years is a long time for an immortal race to see the error of their ways and realise a truth that has remained unsaid for a millennia – elves are superior! They are faster, stronger and connected to the magical world in a way that man could never grasp. Illian is their birthright. The six kingdoms of man are fractured, unallied and always clawing at each other’s doors for more power.
War is coming…

Thrown into the heart of this war is an Outlander of the wilds, an assassin, a ranger. Asher was born a thousand years ago, but he doesn’t remember. Forty years of brutal training and killing for money has beaten the earliest years of his life away, leaving his ties to the oldest of evils a mystery to all.

Book 2: Empire of Dirt

War is set to ravage the land of Illian. The elves sail from the east, the savage Darkakin rise from the south and Valanis, the dark elf, is finally free. Valanis would see the world plunged into chaos and drowned in blood, ready for the return of the gods that still haunt him.

A new hope rises in the Red Mountains, where the last remaining dragons have been discovered. Gideon and Galanor, human and elf, will have to work together. Only then might they convince Adriel, the last of the Dragorn order, to intervene in the war to come.

Devoid of hope and unsure what road to take, Asher and his companions must decide what role they will play in the coming war. The only weapon known to rival the dark elf’s power is in a place the ranger has avoided for a long time, a place where, until now, neither man nor elf would dare to tread.

Civil war has shattered the empire in The Arid Lands, as the slaves make their stand against the highborns. Tauren Son-of-none, would see a new empire rule over the desert, but while revolution brews, a greater threat looms. As a thunderous cacophony of steel and savagery marches through the Undying Mountains, who will stand before this army of death…

Book 3: Relic of the Gods

The final days of hope have come and gone. The kingdoms of Illian stand on the edge of ruin, threatened by the armies of Valanis. As evil spreads across the land, too few are left to hold the line. A world away, the children of fire and flame may be the only hope for the realm. But the dragons have been defeated before, and Verda’s future now hangs in the balance.

Reeling from their losses, Asher and his companions journey north, trying to outrun the savage Darkakin. A confrontation awaits the ranger, but even with Paldora’s gem, he dare not challenge Valanis yet.

The days of the Dragorn have come again, and with them, a relic of the gods has been brought into the light. The knowledge of Verda’s true history weighs on Gideon Thorn, and he would see the world rid of the evil that has cursed it for so long.

Amid such calamity, even the gods can feel a great change coming, and a new age dawning. Whether it be light or the dark that finds victory, one soul will suffer the burden of destiny for all…

Book 4: The Fall of Neverdark

Thirty years after the Echoes of Fate changed the course of history, an ancient evil stirs once more. Millennia in the dark has left these lost and forgotten monsters hungry for war and the people of Illian can do nothing but rely on their peacekeepers, the Dragorn. But are the dragon riders ready for what has been buried under their feet?

Gideon Thorn, Master of the Dragorn, can feel the Third Age coming to an ominous end. Together with Inara Galfrey and her dragon, they must investigate the return of these forgotten monsters.

Alijah Galfrey, Inara’s twin brother, has only one talent – getting into trouble. When he isn’t drinking, the half-elf is gambling his life away in the pursuit of relics no one cares about. Now, he finds himself at the sharp end of history. Can he take charge of his own destiny, or will he always be controlled by others?

Deep in the mines of Vengora, something ancient has been found, and the dwarves of Dhenaheim would go to war with the North over it. After sixty years in the world of men, Doran Heavybelly must finally return to his homeland if any peace is to be found. When gods go to war, mortals pay the price…

Book 5: Kingdom of Bones

The world has fallen into ruin. Myth and legend have proven true. Monsters have returned to Illian. Orcs, an ancient fiend thought lost to history, have risen from The Under Realm. Their hunger for total dominance has plunged Illian into war, pushing the survivors to Namdhor, the last refuge of man at the top of the world. For those who stand up to this foe, they do so in darkness. Ash clouds smother the skies, blocking out the sun as the orcs rampage across the land.

Behind it all, manipulating from the shadows, The Black Hand fuels the war on both sides. The Crow, the one who was promised, has seen the future and works in the depths of The Bastion to forge a new weapon, a weapon that can stand against the dark at all costs.

Gideon Thorn is adrift, his order decimated, and his oath to protect the realm meaningless. The Master Dragorn faces his greatest test yet, balancing his duty to the people and his duty to his order.

Inara Galfrey has a choice to make as the realm’s darkest hour approaches. Malliath and Asher cannot be ignored, but holding fast to her courage could save the world. It could also spell her end.

Doran Heavybelly finds himself at the throne of his father. There are realms of hell he would rather visit than the halls of his ancestors. Shackled and bound, however, the dwarf has no choice but to face his past…

Book 6: Age of the King

The scales have tipped. The battle for Namdhor, the north, and the entire realm of man was a sure victory for the orcs. But they lost. Now, under the rule of a would-be-king, the armies of man fuel the war when they should be bolstering their defences. Only a few understand that time is against them, yet these few must fight alone if the dawn is to rise over Illian once more. The heroes of the realm have banded together, but they cannot fight side by side. There is only one way they can win, seen by the oldest dragon and preserved inside the broken mind of a ranger.

From the shadows, The Crow muddies the waters, making it all the harder to see the path to victory. In the depths of The Bastion, where even time is his slave, the ancient necromancer has finished his work. The king is almost ready…

Book 7: The Knights of Erador

“Here is today’s lesson; heroes die…”

It’s fifteen years since the Orcs were defeated. Fifteen years since a new king rose from the battlefield. Fifteen years since Illian knew the horror of war.

Fifteen years of peace are about to end.

Something is coming. Shadows gather. Whispers of rebellion have reached the king. Darkness stirs beyond Illian’s borders.

Beyond the mountains, Dhenaheim has lost a quiet war. Refugees pour into Illian, bringing suspicion and unrest. For Doran Heavybelly, Dhenaheim’s war means facing a personal tragedy that demands his attention… and his axe.

A simple job for too much coin should have been warning enough for Asher but, like Fate, trouble always has a way of finding him.

Conspiracy. Rebellion. Betrayal. Time to find out who the real heroes are.