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David B. Lyons

David B. Lyons is an international bestselling author from Dublin, Ireland.

He writes psychological suspense novels using a unique narrative style that is sculptured specifically to culminate in head-spinning twists. He has been a number one bestselling author in Ireland, the UK, Canada and in Australia.

His debut novel, Midday, was classed as a “high-octane page turner” by the Mail On Sunday, while The Book Magnet labelled Whatever Happened to Betsy Blake? “The best book of the year”. Later, In The Middle of Middle America was regarded as “a masterpiece” by The Book Literati.

An award-winning freelance journalist before landing his first publishing deal back in 2018, David grew up in Dublin but currently spends his time between Birmingham in the UK and the Irish capital. He is married to a Brummie, Kerry, and they have one daughter together, Lola.

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