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The Suicide Pact

Tick Tock Trilogy 3

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The final novel in the utterly compelling Tick Tock Trilogy

David B. Lyons


Five hours left until midnight…. two innocent lives hang in the balance.

Best friends Ingrid and Ciara have made a pact… a pact that will haunt their neighbourhoods forever.

Having suffering bullying at school and feeling unloved at home, the two thirteen year olds decide that tonight – at the stroke of midnight – they are going to end it all. And nobody will be able to stop them.

Except, perhaps, for ex-Detective Helen Brennan who has heard a whisper on the grapevine that two local girls’ lives are in serious danger.

But the problem is, she doesn’t know who the girls are. Or where they are. She only knows she has until midnight to save them.

And the clock is ticking…