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Martina Reilly

Martina Reilly has had many careers. She’s been a lounge girl (she a can avoid a grope at close quarters), a supermarket packer (she knows you can’t pack a bottle of bleach in with a packet of digestives), a public servant (for one interview she knew all the planning legislation – fat lot of good that did her when she wanted to put an extension on her house). She’s trained as a drama teacher (she can pronounce ALL her vowels and knows lots about resonance). But no job has ever given her as much pleasure as the one she has now. It involves lots of sitting about, drinking coffee and concocting elaborate lies. Nope, she’s not a politician.

Martina Reilly is an author. She has written four teenage books – Livewire won an International White raven award while Dirt Tracks won a Bisto book merit award – and twelve adult fiction novels, one of which, Something Borrowed, was long-listed for an Impac award.

Martina has also written features and comic pieces for the Irish Independent, The Evening Herald and the Kildare Times.

She writes plays and hopes someday to write a sitcom.

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