Eve Cole loves her small apartment in Dublin’s city centre. It might come with the party people downstairs and Larry, the handsome and charming ex-con next door, but the floor to ceiling windows make it perfect for her job painting fake masterpieces: Renoirs, Picassos and especially Van Goghs. And she’s good at it. Maybe too good. When eleven million euro appears in her mother’s bank account, it turns out that Eve’s been unwittingly involved in one of the greatest art frauds in history. Now she has to figure out a plan to get her painting back and return the money without implicating herself or her family. Enter Larry.

Even though he’s turned his back on his shady past, he’s the only one that might be able to help. Will Eve get the painting back or is Larry just another fake? Eve is about to discover that in love as well as art, the trick is in knowing when it’s the real deal.