It’s hard for Lucy, being the sister of super-model Tracy Gleeson. It’s hard because Tracy is gorgeous and Lucy feels distinctly average; Tracy is famous and Lucy works as a receptionist in a vet’s clinic; Tracy has just landed a part in a major Hollywood movie and all Lucy has ever wanted to do is act.

Worse than that, however, is the fact that Lucy almost had it all – only she fell pregnant and is now a single mum living in a tiny house with Fáinne, her daughter. While she loves her child with all her heart, she didn’t quite imagine her life would feel over at the age of twenty-eight.

And now, Fáinne wants to get to know her father – only Lucy never told him that she was pregnant. So, against the advice of her best friends and her doom-laden mother, Lucy begins the search to trace the boy she has tried so hard to forget…

“Reilly manages to make serious topics fun to read”
Woman’s Way