*Please note Caroline is not currently open to submissions

I love being a literary agent: the thrill of finding brilliant new writers, working with them to hone their work, sending their manuscripts to the right editors, getting great deals, and then seeing those books on the shelves or in the hands of enthusiastic readers. I’m honoured to represent a growing list of critically-praised, up-and-coming and bestselling authors, most of whom I’ve worked with from the beginning of their careers.

Before co-founding Hardman & Swainson I was an agent at the Christopher Little Literary Agency and The Marsh Agency, where I also specialised in translation rights. I have an excellent understanding of global trade publishing and have had the privilege of selling rights on behalf of many renowned writers. I grew up in south Manchester and I have a 1st class BA and an MA with distinction in English Literature from the University of Leeds.

What I’m looking for:

Nothing excites me more than discovering new talent, though it’s hard to predict in what form that talent will come. I’m primarily interested in fiction at the intersection of literary and commercial, where great writing meets broad appeal. I look for novels that combine beautiful writing, plot and pace, distinctive characters, emotional depth and a strong hook – all the things that keep you turning the page. I accept submissions of accessible literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, historical fiction, crime, suspense and thrillers. Whether it’s literary or genre fiction, I like to be challenged, surprised, moved to tears, or left on the edge of my seat (preferably all of those things!), by the novels I read.

In non-fiction, I’m fascinated by books that give me an insight into how we live and what makes us tick, in whatever form they come (basically: I’m nosy). I’m always looking for serious non-fiction – particularly popular science in the fields of human biology, medicine, and psychology – as well as current affairs and feminism. I’m interested in writing on health (of the body or mind) and food /nutrition from a well-researched, fact-based perspective, as well as selective wellness and lifestyle projects. I’m always open to writers tackling familiar subjects in new and unique ways. Finally, I love narrative non-fiction, especially compelling personal voices, first person pieces and memoir.